Wed Dec 14, 8: In summary a HGV driver must have completed a minimum of two weekly rest periods, one of which being a full period, within two consecutive weeks. So why not just turn the first 30 minute break into a 45 minute one and then you’ve not only satisfied the WTD and the tacho regs but have shaved 15 minutes off your day which you can either use to go a bit slower and reduce the stress or get home earlier? Mon Aug 23, 5: Fri Dec 12, 8: If my driving will exceed 4. They could also have taken the second 15 minute break on the end of the previous break and then worked straight through.

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Any Holidays which you take beyond your contracted entitlement usually 20 days will be recorded as rest days and wtd breaks hgv not add any hours for your WTD Sick days are calculated exactly the same as regular holidays and add 8 hours for a single day, or 48 hours for 5 consecutive days.

On multi drop it’s something that catches me out too, I always end up having 30 minutes due to booking times and the WTD 6 hour rule and then you end up having to take a further 30 minutes to satisfy tacho regs usually because you can easily reach the 6 hours wtd breaks hgv WTD before 4.

The WTD states drivers must have a minute break before or at the end of a six-hour working period. HGV driving hours made simple. The time must be made up in one block that cannot be split and must be attached to another rest period wtd breaks hgv a minimum of 9 hours. The first one is My Driving Hours and the second is HGV Cityyou will have to register to be able to work out your timesheet and driving hours.

If wtd breaks hgv do not have access to sophisticated tachographs then you may want to use an online HGV drivers hour calculate to help you work out rest periods and start times, as well as helping you keep an accurate record of both driving hours and working hours. Please note these rules are not the Drivers Hours Rules.

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Sun Mar 09, Sick days are calculated exactly the same as regular holidays and add 8 hours for a single day, or wtd breaks hgv hours for 5 consecutive days. There should be no more than six consecutive 24 hour periods between weekly brfaks. Still driving this Hitlers revenge [zb] thing!

We’ll assume you’re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. This is called a reduced daily rest period.

For the purposes of calculating your WTD, any single days of holiday you take will be recorded as 8 hours of work. Rog sorry if this is a dumb ass questionwhat’s the difference between WTD and RTD, what does the R stand for, and sorry for appearing wtd breaks hgv be wtd breaks hgv interested in this BS.

Man made global warming is a massive lie concocted and exploited by governments and business to extort money out of us. Working Time Rest The working time directive rest requirements are the same as the EU drivers hours rest rules. Start a FREE trial. An informative video on lorry driver hours. When this idea first came out I and others thought, admittedly naivelythat the job would finally be brought up to similar standards wtd breaks hgv other industries, ie you could earn a LIVING wage without having to work excessive hours, but then the powers that be realised that to achieve this a number of controversial actions would need to be taken such as taking on giant co.

This is where an individual would not drive wtd breaks hgv than 10 times within a WTD period 26 weeks or less.

The TruckNet UK Drivers RoundTable • View topic – WTD – 6 hours and break

They are then able to work for another 3 hours before they reach the 9 hour threshold wtd breaks hgv need to take a 15 minute break before continuing to work. Example 1 In this first example the driver has spent 2 hours driving followed by 4 hours of working in the warehouse. The app is available on Wtd breaks hgv and Android devices.

In this first example the driver has spent 2 hours driving followed by 4 hours of working in the warehouse.

The driving period can be continuous, or made up of shorter periods totalling 4 hours 30 minutes. Most of us have no idea what time we’re going to finish at the 6hrs braks mark, so just take the 30 minute break and a second 30 minute break before the 4: Again, this can be taken in periods of at wtd breaks hgv 15 minutes wtd breaks hgv more, or all at once provided you breams not breach other regulations.

If you want to review the wtd breaks hgv regulations you will find them here. Therefore, having taken one break of 15 minutes after two hours, he then needs to take another 15 minute break after the lengthy spell at the RDC. Users browsing this forum: Kinda puts you off attempting the same thing, so I ended up getting an infringement instead. Derogations of the Working Time Directive There are certain derogations in place which results in some driver not being required to monitor their WTD.

If you take 5 consecutive days of holiday, then a full week wtd breaks hgv recorded as being 48 hours. With up to 3, new loads per day, saving over million miles per year, the impact for the UK’s Carbon footprint alone is huge. Your driving time is recorded on the tachograph.