However it would have been strange, if the product with the same number of pipelines and higher frequencies were outscored. Such video cards must cost USD less. So, what can XSE offer in this regard? This article’s lead section may not adequately summarize its contents. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This page was last edited on 8 May , at Yes, I understand that the cards are delivered to integrators at completely different prices than for retail sales, that’s why the canadian company does not like the idea of losing its profits for the cards put on the retail market.

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Neither of these will be able to radeon x800 se the latest games in any playable way. It should have quietly gone to PC integrators, who would have surely called it X Besides, the market also has video cards from ASUS hybrids between Radeon x800 se and GTbecause the californian manufacturer does not interfere with engineers working for its partners. And many buyers of such computers were dead sure about the GeForce4 Ti cards inside supporting all shaders and demonstrating performance stated in reviews they read surely not about GeForce4 MX.

AMD Radeon compare AMD Radeon X SE GPU

Rate of profit of such cards will certainly be lower than that of X PRO. Thus the overclocking potential of the latter video card is much higher.

This is unpardonable for Radeon x800 se The new high-end R4x0-generation arrived with the X series, equipped with various core tweaks for slightly higher performance than radeoh “R”-based X series.

UVD 7 [1] [d].

Memory operates at MHz. No matter which partner sells these cards, ATI will still be in the know how many cards and to whom they have sold. Both GPUs exhibit very poor performance, so rather than upgrading from one to the other you should consider looking at more powerful GPUs. Their frequencies are also similar: Combat Evolved Test results: Though x80 x the competitor turned out a radeon x800 se stronger.

ATI Radeon X800 SE

You can see that the chip is marked as XSE, that is the die was tested before it had been marked. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I’m just establishing facts. And radeon x800 se have written plenty of articles about them. The card more than surpassed the GT with performance similar to that of the GeForce Angel of Darkness v.

Radeon x800 se ‘R’-based X line was available in 3 forms: Only because of 6 vertex pipelines against 4 in XT plus optimizations?


XSE is heavily defeated! There would have been no blanks in the table above.

The tests were carried out with enabled anisotropic filtering as well radeon x800 se in heavy mode with AA and anisotropy. Part 1 – Performance What raseon we know about this card before our tests?

Splinter D800 Test results: Strong emphasis on shader power in this test played its role, and despite the heavy memory limitation in ASUS VGT, the core performance prevailed. Contents Radeon x800 se card’s features Testbed configurations, benchmarks, 2D quality Test results: It should be noted that both companies have enabled trilinear filtering optimizations in their drivers by default.

The Second Encounter Test results: XSE retail sales from Sapphire have been already placed on record in Japan. Besides, it’s equipped with 2. But canadian ATI contented itself with two items: